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"Alterman is doing in dramatic terms, what Pablo Picasso did in art"

--Stephen Minot, Editor, Three Genres, The Writing of Literary Prose, Poetry and Plays

Glenn is probably best known for his many published original monologues and 10-minute plays. With over 1500 published monologues and thirteen books of published monologues, he is listed in at as “The Author of The Most Published Original Monologues For Actors.”


To date he has had nearly 1000 productions of his plays, in over 200 venues throughout the U.S. and on three continents.


Glenn has won over 100 playwriting competitions.  His work has been performed and won honors at Primary Stages, Ensemble Studio Theater (EST), Circle in the Square Downtown, HERE, LaMaMa, Playwrights Horizons, Deep South Writers Conference, Showtime's Act One Playwrights Contest, Pittsburgh New Works festival,  Beverly Hills Rep, The Bloomington Playwrights Project, The Samuel French One-Act Playwrights Competition, The West Bank Café Downstairs Theater, and at many other theaters all over the U.S. and throughout Europe.


His work has been published by Playscripts, Smith and Kraus, Applause, Indi Theater Now, JAC Publishing, Merriwether, Prentice Hall, Pearson,  Next Stage Press, and Skyhorse Publishing.


His plays and monologues have appeared in over 30 “Best  of the Year” anthologies.

His most recent book, “Writing The 10-Minute Play” (Limelight Editions, Hal Leonard

Corporation) is now used by many college theater arts departments and acting conservatories.

His book "Creating Your Own Monologue" (and a 2nd Edition) is is also used by most college theater arts theater departments. 

You can read some of his plays at the NEW PLAY EXCHANGE.

You can purchase some of his short monologues at

To learn about Glenn's coaching and seminars click here.



WINNER: RECORD-SETTER.COM “Author- Most Published Original Monologues for Actors” (presently 1002 monologues) 

WOMEN AT A WINDOW, MEN ON A BENCH (Three thrillers)                                                          Three one-act plays. Coming Soon from Next Stage Press

 GAYS  Just published by Next Stage Press.( An evening comprised of thematically connected one act plays and monologues)


Presently working on a new book of monologues, WINNING MONOLOGUES for Allworth

Press/Skyhorse Publishing

UNHEARD and AFTER, were both selected by the Actors Theater of Santa Cruz to be part of their 8 tens @ 8 short play festival/ January 2022.  The theater has the oldest short play festival in the country. This festival will be their reopening production after a 2  year shut down

BENCHMARKS was selected by Heuer Publishers as the PUBLISHERS PICK!

 DITMAS is on track to be the MOST PRODUCED 10-MINUTE PLAY IN THE WORLD.  There have been over twenty five productions already and

there are over 50 productions scheduled for 2018 in the  U.S.,  Spain, Germany,  and Israel.  


The grant is “ Pour développer une collection de courtes pièces de theater’ (To develop a collection of short plays).


….Awarded on the basis of excellence in writing full-length work or shorter pieces for the theater. ….Funds that accompany the awards are to be used by the playwright to further his or her artistic endeavors.

The main judge, ARTHUR GIRON (Former Head of the Graduate Playwriting program/ Carnegie Mellon, founding member of EST)-- “Mr. Alterman, is a playwright, who, in the tradition of Tennessee Williams and William Inge, has the ability to reveal great truths in a deep, quiet voice”.  
The other judges: “Glenn Alterman’s works will grab your attention, please your senses, and delight your soul” “Multi dimensional characters in fascinating situations. Glenn Alterman has a knack for telling a story in very subtle ways; his lovely plays unfold in an organic, natural manner”.


Author, thirty oneTheater Related Books (including 12 Books of Original Monologues Books.) Click here

 Plays and Monologues Published in THRTY-ONE "Best of the Year Anthologies


Awarded Alfred T. Nunez Arts Grant For Playwriting


Winner, Arts and Letters Award in Drama (For The Sealing Of Ceil)


Winner, Reva Shiner Award, Bloomington Playwrights Project (For Nobody’s Flood)


Winner, The Three Genres Playwriting Award (twice)  (For Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda). Includes cash prize,  and publication (in several editions) of the widely used college textbook, “The Three Genres, The Writing Of Poetry, Fiction, and Drama” . The play was used as the “model” of the 10-minute play


Winner "Best Play"   (For Second Tiers)- After Folsom Short Play Festival, Berlin, Germany


Winner of "Premio - Primer Premio Del Juez"-JUDGES AWARD FIRST PRIZE  (for Time Wounds All Heels), in the Like Family (Al Igual Que La Familia) short play Festival in Barcelona, Spain.


Publication, "Writing the 10-Minute Play". Published by Hal Leonard Corporation (Applause). Wrote the book on how to write 10-minute plays. One of the most widely used college theater textbooks on writing 10-minute plays.


Playwright Mentor (Instructor/Dramaturg) , Last  Frontier Playwrights Conference, (called Edward Albee Theater Conference then), Valdez, Alaska


Co-Chair of the Miramax Playwrights Group


Winner-- of over 60 national and international playwriting competitions.


Six Time Finalist- Actors Theater of Louisville National 10-Minute Play Contest


News & Events

My play, RED BIKE, was selected by New Circle Theatre Company for it Jon Fraser Short Play Festival (The Inferno Project: Anger, Fraud and Treachery)


My one minute monologue "LIL" is now published in the E Edition and paperback edition              "Contemporary One Minute Monologues, Volume 1. Here's the E-edition- link-

And here's the paperback edition link

SORRY DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN GOOD BYE-BYE and FORGETTING TO FORGIVE  were both selected for productions by the Gallery Players 

LOVE ME, LOVE MY WORK was selected (out of 707 submissions!) to participate in the FUSION Theater Company's SECOND SEVEN'S. The play is now three for three. Also productions at Barrington Stage Theater Company (directed by Julianne Boyd) and Gallery Players.


SUBWAY was selected to be in-18th annual Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) International One Minute Theatre Festival US. (at the Thank Theater, New York

TIME WOUNDS ALL HEALS was selected by The Depot Theatre Company for their New Play Reading Series- January, 2023

LOVE ME, LOVE MY WORK was selected to be part of the Barrington Theater Company's "10X10 Play Festival- (2022)

LOVE ME, LOVE MY WORK was selected by the Gallery Players for a production in their short play festival (2022)

 Presently working on a new book of monologues, WINNING MONOLOGUES for Allworth

Press/Skyhorse Publishing

BENCHMARKS was selected by Heuer Publishers as the PUBLISHERS PICK!


TENDER IS THE GYM coming to the American Renaissance Theater (November) 


THE PAIN IN THE POETRY coming to the Playhouse at White Lake (MI)


THE PAIN IN THE POETRY coming to Naples Theater


DITMAS and UNHEARD   coming to +Santa  Cruz Actors Theater 's 8Tens at 10 Festival (Opening their new theater)

My play TALKING TO STRANGERS IN BARS, opens at Gypsy Rep in Florida.

My play, THE PAIN IN THE POETRY, won "Best Play" in the Edgefest festival competition, (Birds House Theater)

My play, NOBODY'S FLOOD will open in open in London (live) at The Gower Players this November.

TWO of my plays, UNHEARD  and DITMAS were selected for productions (8 tens@ 8) at Santa Cruz Actors Theater (live!) when the theatre reopens January, 2022

Just signed on with one of my favourite publishers, Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publishers, to write my next book, MONOLOGUES FOR WINNING AUDITIONS. This will be my 31st book/ my 11th book of original monologues and monologues from my published plays. I have a number of successful books with Allworth/Skyhorse including AN ACTORS GUIDE MAKING IT IN NEW YORK CITY (and 2nd and 3rd Editions) and CREATING YOUR OWN MONOLOGUE (and 2nd Edition), among others.

My play UNHEARD was selected by RHINO THEATER in New Jersey, to be in a festival of one acts this summer.

My monologue SOLO, from BAR N(ONE), has been selected to participate in the Talking Horse Productions Playwriting Competition.

My play THE PAIN IN THE POETRY will receive a production this summer in the historic PLAYHOUSE AT WHITE LAKE (MI) this summer. Honored to be in the company of the many top shelf playwrights that have had productions there over the years (since 1915)

TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS will be produced (for online audiences) by the Talisman Theater (England) 

A LITTLE LOVE GOES A LONG WAY- my solo piece, which has previously starred Lynn Cohen, Helen Hanft, and Scotty Bloch (among others) will be filmed by Mind The Gap Theater (England) next month.

THE DANGER OF STRANGERS- my play, which originally starred James Gandolfini, is now being made into a move. Filming has recently begun in Farragut, Tennessee (Nativewind Media)

UNHEARD and DITMAS to be produced by Actors Theater of Santa Cruz

TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS  to be filmed by Talisman Company (England)


A DOUBT MY PLAY, TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS (aka Nowhere Man)- both published by SMITH SCRIPTS 


After over 40 productions in the U.S. and Europe, and being included in a Smith and Kraus "Best" anthology, my play DITMAS is now published by HEUER Publishing

My plays SUNSET AT SANTORINI and NOBODY'S FLOOD (Reva Shiner winner)  are now published/licensed by HEUER PUBLISHING. 

Delighted and honored to be invited by EMMY, OLIVIER, and THREE time TONY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER, JIM KIERSTEAD (Hadestown, Kinky Boots, The Inheritance - and many other Broadway plays), to participate in the launch of something new and very exciting- BROADWAY VIRTUAL (along with CHRISTIAN BORLE, JULIE TAYLOR, TARA RUBIN, DANNY BURSTEIN, ANDRE DeSHIELDS, among others. I did a videotaped a MASTER CLASS now airing..

My play BENCHMARKS was published by HEUER PUBLISHING.


My play YOURS AND MINE is a winner in the BIRDHOUSE THEATRE -EDGEFEST 2020 Festival. My play UNHEARD was a runner up

"BART", a monologue from my play BAR N(ONE) was videotaped to be part of the Homebound series by the British Theater Company, Mind the Gap. It is now available for viewing.


My play UNHEARD will be published/licensed by HEUER publishing later this year.

My monologue LILY from my play BAR N(ONE) was chosen to be in THE BEST WOMENS MONOLOGUES, 2021 (APPLAUSE)

My book of original monologues and monologues from my plays, WINNING MONOLOGUES IN TODAY'S WORLD (AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE) 2020 will published in July by Smith and Kraus Publishers

My play, THE DANGER OF STRANGERS, which originally starred James Gandolfini and Susan Aston, and has received over FORTY productions- was optioned by DOUBLE J PRODUCTIONS, to be made into a fiull length feature film. I will be receiving "Writer" credit.

I have three monologues from different plays that have been videotaped by Actors Collective Toledo, now on U-Tube. 

My play YOURS AND MINE (AKA THE PAIN IN THE POETRY) received a production by the PARISH PLAYERS (Thetford, Vermont)- November 7-17thg

My book, AN ACTOR'S GUIDE-MAKING IT IN NEW YORK CITY, 3rd EDITION  (Allworth, Skyhorse publications) is now published.

My monologue ALICE (from Tourists of the Mindfield) will be published in the upcoming Applause publication, THE BEST WOMEN'S MONOLOGUES OF 2019)

YOURS AND MINE, Stray Kats Theater Company, June 7-9, Newton, Connecticut


SOMETHING PRIVATE (Mary Baldwin Theatre),  May 8-11, Staunton, Virginia


TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS in Luna Dramatique festival at Art Sake Studios in Orlando Florida, April 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th.

My monologue CEIL to be in 100 MONOLOGUES FROM NEW PLAYS - Women (Applause) 


My play BENCHMARKS will be part of Winding Road Theater Ensembles short play festival April 25th through May 5th 

Received A 2019 FRENCH ARTS AWARD to further develop my short plays in my new collection, A BENCH, A TABLE and TWO CHAIRS. All of the plays in the collection received previous productions, won awards and appeared "BEST SHORT PLAYS" anthologies.


THREE MONOLOGUES (two from my play AFTER, one from NOBODY'S FLOOD, now published in CONTEMPORARY MONOLOGUES FOR THE NEW THEATER (Applause Theater and Cinema Books)

THE SEALING OF CEIL, the winner of The Arts an Letters Award In Drama, has been OPTIONED for TV

DITMAS was selected (out of over 500 plays) to be in the Pick of the Vine Festival (LITTLE FISH THEATER COMPANY in California).

DITMAS recently received a production at  by NYLON FUSION THEATER COMPANY (New York)  play festival.



Interview With The Playbill Collector


Commisioned Productions


Commissioned by D.I.F.F.A. (Design Industries Foundation for AIDS) Book for HEARTSTRINGS.
Completed the book for the musical that toured the country (35 cities), cast of 30, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Joel Grey, Marlo Thomas,  Barbara Cook, Tommy Tune, Jason Bateman, Stephen Collins, Julie Hagerty, Linda Lavin, Madeline Potter, Ron Silver, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Holiday



Commissioned by E. Weissman Productions  to write the Book (Original Monologues) for KISS ME WHEN IT’S OVER, the musical, that starred  and was directed by Andre DeShields (Wayne Cilento, choreographer) (LaMama)





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