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Glenn Alterman

Full Length Plays





It’s been a year since the death of Mickey Rosenstein. His family has gathered at the family home for the unveiling at the cemetery.  Many family secrets  and how Mickey died are revealed.



VERNICE ROSENSTEIN- A woman in her fifties.  She is fragile, seems a bit off, and at times gets very emotional.

BARRY ROSENSTEIN- Thirties. Slightly overweight A loving son and brother who allows himself to be manipulated by his family at times.

MICKEY (MICKEY) ROSENSTEIN- 24. Attractive, playful, sensitive, caring.

DAVE ROSENSTEIN– Vernice’s husband.  Late 50’s to 60’s.  Loving, but sometimes combative.



The action of the play takes place in the Rosenstein kitchen in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, a few blocks from the beach.




Developed at Circle Rep Theater

The American Renaissance Theater

Miranda Theater (reading)



Winner, Bloomington Playwrights Project, (Reva Shiner Award) Production in Bloomington, Indianna







Solace is the story of Harold, a gay, middle aged man, who is a professor of Judaic studies at a university in Boston. As a child he had a very deep belief in God, and dreamed of being a rabbi someday. The play, through flashbacks, choral sections, monologues, classroom lectures and confessionals reveal Harold’s inner world and the reasons he lost his faith and gave up his dream.





In his forties, although he goes back in time to his early twenties. 



Harold’s mother. In her fifties or sixties, but goes back to her twenties.



Harold’s father. In his sixties, but goes back to his twenties.



Harold’s grandmother. In her seventies, but goes back in time



There is no set, per se. A bed and window frame will do for the hospital scenes, a kitchen table and two chairs, for the kitchen scenes, a bar and two stools will do for the bar scenes, etc. Or, if you want, the can be more abstract (as it was in the New York workshop) The New York set was made up of platforms and modules.

Lighting is extremely important in this play. It is used to set up the “focus light” monologues and “duologues”, the classroom lecture monologues; as well as to set up specific moods within the various scenes.

can Renaissance Theater, Miranda Theater


“Beautiful writing ….Fully believable characters ….
A story that engages and touches the heart”

- Lanford Wilson, playwright


“This play really affected me. I cared so much about these people. I loved  the dialogue and story. A great evening in theater.“  
- Joseph Chaikin, Director, writer


“Very moving. ….Great Writing”
- William M. Hoffman, playwright


“I love this play!”
- Michael Warren Powell,
Director of Circle East, The Lab Theater Company (formerly Circle Rep)




Developed at Circle East (formerly Circle Rep) Theater Company, John Drew Theater (Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York)



Circle East Theater Company (Off-Broadway).


A collection of 6 short gay plays.

All that is needed to produce-- is a bench, a table and 2 chairs.

All of the plays have been produced, won playwriting competitions and (many) have been published in "Best Short Plays Anthologies

(Background Information on The Plays)




Sharon has drunkenly fallen off her bar stool. She is rescued by Mel, who saw her as she fell to the ground.  Sharon is immediately attracted to Mel. As they talk we learn a great deal about them and a connection that they both share.

( 1m, 1f)

Published in "THE BEST 10-MINUTE PLAYS OF 2017" (Smith and Kraus Publishers) 


Presently over 30 productions including most recently:

Pick of the Vine 2018 (Little Fish Theater Company)

Le Theatre de rue Grignon, Marseilles, France

AND (Artistic New Directions) in An Eclectic Evening of Shorts X: Boxers and Shorts)

Nylon Fusion Theater Company

Part of the Village Playwrights "Gay Pride and Prejudice" Festival (Staged reading) 

Glenn Alterman’s “Benchmarks” …Very, very impressive writing. …Extremely moving. …A beautiful play. 

- Broadway Radio/ Michael Portantiere 

“Just wanted you to know our Nantucket audiences 'loved" Benchmarks.

                                                        It’s really a great play.”

               Christopher Kickham, Artistic Director, Nantucket Short Play Festival


"You've written an exquisite play, an "instant classic". I hope this play gets many, many productions"
- Steven Elwood, Producer



 “Really a lovely play. It is a smart, beautifully crafted two hander. Congrats on all the success.”
Tony Phelan--  Executive Producer (Director and Writer)- Grey’s Anatomy, Madame Secretary, Law and Order (Trial By Jury) and (Creator) of  Doubt

“An instant classic, a gem. You say more in 10 pages than many playwrights say in an entire full length. Beautifully drawn characters."
Rick Howard, Literary manager, Dramaturge 





Jimmy and Robin, two gay, middle aged lovers own a bar in Key West Florida.  Jimmy is upset. Robin is desperately trying to calm him down so that they can attend the Fantasy Fest celebration that’s about to begin in town. Soon we learn the reason for Jimmy’s unhappiness. A former "very well known" lover is coming to town. As they talk we realize who these two really are.

Published in 2012 The BEST 10-MINUTE PLAYS FOR TWO OR THREE ACTORS (Smith and Kraus Publishers)


Winner, Best Short Play- After Folsom Play Festival, Berlin, Germany

The Workshop Theater Company, You Are Here Festival, New York

Heroes and Villains Play Festival/ (Aka- This is Where I Live Now Staged Reading/Urban Stages, NYC)




Terry’s husband has recently died. She is at the funeral home. After the memorial she stops Tom in the lobby to tell him how moved she was by what he had to say at the memorial. As they talk we discover how much these two really have in common. (1m1f)

Published in 2011- THE BEST 10 MINUTE PLAYS FOR TWO OR THREE ACTORS (Smith and Kraus)



(aka AND THEN) The Gallery Players, Brooklyn NY
Workshop Theater Company (Cold Snaps Short Play Festival)
Village Playwrights- Reinventing Family Play Festival (Staged Reading) 




1 and 2 met at a bar, had a few drinks, went back to 2’s place and had sex.  The play begins after they’ve had sex and are talking about what each expected to happen next in their relationship. They realize that their expectations are very different (and subject to change). (2 m OR 2F)



Schonefeld Theater, Berlin, Germany (Die Gute der Feinde)

Winner, best short play

Lama Theater Company, New York (Staged Reading)




It is a cold winter night in an apartment in Greenwich Village in 1985. It’s 3 in the morning. Nat is awake looking out the living room window, lost in thought. Joe enters from the bedroom to ask him what’s wrong. As the two talk we discover the painful events that are keeping Nat up.

Finalist: Actor’s Theater of Louisville (Heideman)

Winner, "Best Short Play" After Folsom Short Play Festival, Berlin, Germany, 

"Honorable Mention", Trinity Church Playwriting Competition




Circle East (West Bank Café)

Workshop Theater Company,

Part of the Articulate Theater Company event, “Circling Back, A Celebration of Circle Rep” 





Jules and Jim, two neighbors, have snuck away from their wives for a night of frivolity on the Island Of Fire. Jim has some serious considerations about their planned adventure, but Jules is insistent that they go. As they argue, we begin to realize why they are really there and how it could impact on their marriages.




Gallery Players, Black Box Festival, Brooklyn, New York
Village Playwrights- Valentines Gay- Romance Our Way (Staged reading) 


"From the Bloomington Project Production of NOBODY'S FLOOD"

"From the Bloomington Project Production of NOBODY'S FLOOD"

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